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To learn more about our products please call 906-884-2170 or email:

Webber Construction and Fabrication
22590 Johnson Rd.
Ontonagon, MI 49953

If you need to speak directly to Gray, he may be reached at:

Aqua Bore is sold direct to consumers to keep the cost down.

We usually stock an HD unit but will build any unit requested to order after receiving a $4,000 down payment. Lead time for build is 4-6 weeks.

We stock 4 to 6 Rail Hoists and require a 2 week lead time if out of stock to have 1 to 4 ready for shipping. This item can be sold direct to consumers if there is no dealer covering your area.

Wholesalers are welcome to contact us
for details.

Aqua Bore G3-Pro Series configuration & pricing:

Please contact us, we can configure the rig you desire and provide firm pricing once we have evaluated your specific needs. The price lists below are current as of September 1st, 2017. Subject to change without notice.

Aqua Bore G3 SD
Aqua Bore G3 HD
Aqua Bore G3 XD
Aqua Bore G3 UD

​Starting Price(Skid Mount)

Starting Price(Skid Mount)

Starting Price(Skid Mount)

Starting Price(Skid Mount)
27x22 HP
32x22 HP
37x27 HP
74 HP, Super Diesel
Universal Ram Breakout
Universal Ram Breakout
Universal Ram Breakout
Double Hydraulic Circuit
Oil Field Mud Pump
150′ Drill Stem
1200 lbs Accessory Hoist 
400’+ Capable

Please Call


Please Call


Please Call


Please Call


Drill bits vary as do drilling formations. We recommend using the types of bits most suited for your formations. We will recommend bit suppliers for the various types of bits needed, or you may order the bits you require with a unit.

Delivery is available on a per-mile basis or truck freight can be arranged, call for a quote. Demo units are often available.

Rail Hoist G9 pricing:

Rail Hoist G9
​Plus Shipping
24′ Lift option cable – $35

To order a machine please call 906-884-2170 or request a call back by
emailing with your request.