Aqua Bore G3-Pro Series

The Aqua Bore G3 Pro Series is a compact, powerful and full featured water well and geo-sampling drill rig capable of drilling over 450 ft. through all types of formations. The base model XD (37HP head engine) dual gas provides more HP to the head drive providing up to 800 lb. ft. of torque at 150 RPM and push pull force to 8,000 pounds standard, 10,000 option. The mud pumps also have more power with the XD sporting a 27 HP engine providing 240 GPM at up to 120 PSI for deeper and larger boreholes.

We now offer the new UD 74 HP tier 4 diesel deck engine unit with 1,000 lb. ft. of head torque at up to 150 RPM and a push pull of 12,000 lb. This UD diesel unit with its dual hydraulic pump has a second pump to provide 30 HP to a 3x2 mud pump for up to 340 GPM flows at 100 PSI and 350 GPM flows at up to 130 PSI with an optional charge pump or combo pump for larger and deeper boreholes. This rig can power beyond 500 ft. for those who need it.

Check out all the standard features the Aqua Bore has and that most drillers expect. We also offer many custom options to finish out a rig that fits your specific drilling needs.

All Aqua Bore rigs now have replaceable hard surface chrome moly ware sleeves on the swivel head allowing for maintenance without replacing the main swivel core. This allows double the ware life of the swivel function without replacement and when needed only replace these sleeves reducing rebuild cost many times over. These sleeves are also able to be made in most local machine shops in short order.

Meet the Pro Series

Features, Build Options, & Accessories

Standard Features

  • Adjustable hydraulic down pressure
  • 12 volt primer pump system for fast and easy priming
  • Hands free head drill rotation
  • Swing away head assembly for easy borehole work
  • Hydraulic ram dual wrench breakout system
  • 65,000 BTU fan cooled oil cooler om gas units and 68,000 to 88,000 BTU on diesel
  • Hydraulic driven mud pump for less wear and tear on the mud pump and engine
  • Quick flip removable drill pipe guides
  • Speed adjustments on head rotation along with hoist and rams
  • 12,000 pound quick drop frame jacks on axel units
  • 3x4 box tube frame
  • 4x6 box tube mast with 3/8” x 8” glide plate
  • 10′ Mayhew Junior drill pipe/ 160′ included 
  • 12′ gallon fuel tank – standard, 22 gallon option
  • 20′ pickup and bypass flex line
  • Low profile multi-purpose pickup head with check valve to help maintain prime

Recommended Build Options

  • Push pull force to 10,000 pounds may be added if required on gas units
  • 5,000 pound GVW Single Axle transport kit with pipe storage
  • 7,000 pound GVW Tandem Axle transport kit with pipe storage
  • Axillary hydraulic circuit connection for piston grout pump and many other professional options
  • 10,000 GVW tandem axle transport kit for extra capacity

Available Accessories (Call For Pricing)

  • Hinge down on board 285 gallon mud pan for efficient cutting removal and fast setups
  • Anchor kits for hard rock down force
  • Auxiliary hydraulic circuit outlet
  • Borehole thimble kit and trough allows for 5 minute setups

With so many high end features the Aqua Bore allows for successful well drilling in even the most difficult of conditions. The unit may be purchased raw on skid frame or with a single or tandem axle transport kit.

The XD unit shown in the video is built for the most demanding of conditions and comes with a tandem axle transport kit 160′ of 10′ drill pipe, and 1200 pound auxiliary cable hoist at $38,500.

Accessories shown such as drop down mud pit, power pack and borehole thimble kit are separate.

The new diesel powered unit uses an industrial 84HP Kubota diesel power unit and hydraulic drive on all systems from this one power plant

Important Operational Information

  • All Aqua Bore heads and hoists have adjustable speed settings allowing head speeds on most rigs to be adjusted from 0 to 150 RPM to match bit and formation needs.
  • Hoist speeds can be adjusted from very slow for critical lifts to high speed (7 seconds for full stroke on most rigs) for fast trip out work. Trip out speeds are critical for efficient professional drilling.
  • ​The masts all have auto locks using a hydraulic locking valve on the mast raising ram thus speeding set up and take down while providing strong locking action.
  • Aqua Bore heads swing off to one side and locks allowing unrestricted open access to the borehole for finishing work. While in place the main head can be used as a powerful independent hoist.
  • The optional auxiliary hoist incorporates a pivot jib that allows easy lifts of casing, pump lines and use for drill pipe handling directly from the pipe trays.​
  • The optional carry on drop down mud pan provides extremely fast set ups and clean ups while giving excellent cuttings separation and coupled with the borehole thimble keeps mud loss to a very minimum. No need for ineffective mud pits!
  • The Aqua Bore drill pipe gate is the fastest and easiest to use in small rigs with no small parts to lose. With its removable open faced design borehole work is a snap. Operators find it nearly automatic the way it functions and holds drill pipe aligned.
  • The Aqua Bore control panel offers the most direct control over most drilling operations of any small rig. It sports three pressure gages, main hydraulic, down pressure hydraulic and mud pressure. It has all the motor, speed and ram controls along with engine start, run and tachometers. Even the mud flow and priming functions are easily controlled from the panel. No need to leave the operators station to control rig functions making it efficient, fast and safe.
  • Unlike many small rigs, the AquaBore uses a hydraulic system on the gas driven mud pumps allowing for less ware on starting systems and much better pump control. 
  • The Aqua Bore units are set up to easily be drained down for freezing storage temperatures. Most units take less than 2 minutes.
  • With 12 or 22 gallon fuel tanks, both dual gas and diesel units operate all day on one fueling.

Aqua Bore G3-Pro Series configuration & pricing:

*Disclaimer* Price changes are in reaction to steel cost increases

Please contact us, we can configure the rig you desire and provide firm pricing once we have evaluated your specific needs. The price lists below are current as of Jan 1, 2019.Subject to change without notice


Aqua Bore G3 XD
“Dual Gas”
Aqua Bore G3 UD Diesel
NEW! Aqua Bore UD “Super”

​Starting Price
(Skid Mount)

Starting Price
​(Skid Mount)

​Starting Price

​(Skid Mount)
  • 37x27 HP
  • 74 HP, Diesel
  • 3x2 Pump
  • Universal Ram Breakout
  • Dual Hydraulic Circuit
  • High Rise Jib Hoist
  • 1200 lbs Accessory Hoist
  • 400’+ Capable
  • 12,000 lbs Main Hoist Inc.

Please Call


Please Call



Buy Now Available With Special Order

  • 22’ auxiliary hoist jib height for full length casing lifts
  • Custom build with 14,000 pound push pull head hoist
    3x2 MCM mud pump with 340 GPM and 100PSI flows
    12 foot stoke travel
    Hydraulic Charge pump provides 370 GPM up to 145 PSI
  • Drill bits vary as do drilling formations. We recommend using the types of bits most suited for your formations. We will recommend bit suppliers for the various types of bits needed, or you may order the bits you require with a unit.
  • Delivery is available on a per-mile basis or truck freight can be arranged, call for a quote.

Notice to buyers:

Recently state sales tax laws have changed across the country. It is now required my many states that Webber Construction and Fabrication LLC collect Michigan sales tax at 6% or report sales of taxable items to the receiving state. This is much the same as current auto sales requirements. However, if you as a buyer have tax exempt or tax reduced status such as Farm/Ranch use, Industrial processing, Resale license, Non-profit status, Church use or other such things a certificate of exception may be filled out and no tax collected. Such certificate is kept on record with use and is not forwarded to others. Please inform our sales person at time of purchase what you status is so that we may be right with the Government. Thank you.

Custom build options are welcome.

  • Units can be modified for auger or core boring geotechnical work
  • High Pressure piston pump may be added for core boring
  • Cat Head hydraulic drive hoist may be added for soil testing
  • Hydraulic rear jacks may be optioned

Options available for Pro models Cost as added to SD base model if applicable:

High torque planetary head drive for XD unit, 1,200 lb. ft. torque at 110 RPM (increase of 50%)
High torque planetary head drive for UD unit, 1,400 lb. ft. torque at 120 RPM (increase of 40%)
Extra Capacity Main Hoist for the XD unit brings hoist capacity up to 12,000 lb. Push pull adds 2 second to travel time and requires a 100 pitch chain stand on UD
10,000 lb. tandem axel transport kit with dual pipe trays allowing for 480 ft. pipe capacity, radial tires, electric brakes, carry on mud pan kit and many carry on accessories
Ground borehole collar 8” x 60” with auger and trough and adapter
Extra drill pipe ordered with rig
$205/10 ft.
Single axel 5,000 GVW transport kit with electric breaks and pipe trays for 400 ft. ​
Tandem axle 7,000 GVW with breaks and pipe trays for 400 ft.
Hydraulic auxiliary circuit hook ups
Carry on drop down heavy poly 285 gallon mud pan system 
NEW! Charge pump for mud system to increase flows and pressures up to 40% 2″ Hydraulic charge pump for 270 GPM @ 155 PSI on standard UD
NEW! Charge or combo pump for mud system to increase flows and pressures up to 40% 3″ Hydraulic charge pump for 350 GPM @ 130 PSI on super UD or high pressure combo pump
NEW! On board hydraulic drive development air compressor 60 CFM @ 100 PSI (UD Units) on standard or super UD


Important features often overlooked or not found on other units:

  • Dual ball bearing 18,000 pound thrust pack to take the grueling loads of drilling.

  • 100 pitch roller chain hoist for 12,000 push pull for main host.

  • Caged full flow T-swivel with high pressure V-seals and 1.77 square inch min. water course for excellent flows needed when drilling large or deep boreholes

  • Control panel that includes VS flow settings, mud pump clutch, primer valve and mud flow valves all at this one station for excellent operator control and safety.

  • All valves, piping and fittings are 1.5” min diameter giving 1.77” square inch water course throughout the mud system on the XD and 2.0 min on UD.

  • Chrome moly swivel sleeves allow for ware resistance and easy seal changes.