About Webber Construction & Fabrication

Webber Construction and Fabrication designs and fabricates specialty machines for light construction and homeowner use. Founded by Gray Webber over 30 years ago as a general and mechanical contracting company, he has taken his experience and education to branch out into design and fabrication. His years of practical experience has allowed him to evaluate his designs and refine them to the most functional levels for construction work needs.

Origin of the Rail Hoist

After 15 years as a general contractor struggling with delivery scheduling, manpower and safe methods of hoisting materials to rooftops, second floors and decks, the Rail Hoist became more than an idea. Gray tried a few of the available lifts existing on the market but did not find them easy to use or effective.

Large ladder sections, many small parts, time consuming setup, two man loading and limited hoist ladder lengths made him think “there has to be a better way!” Not only were these methods cumbersome, but expensive when approaching 20′. He decided to build his own style of hoist that allowed his crews easy transport, easy setup and safe hoisting while being affordable. It was a crude prototype — but it has worked without issue for over 15 years meeting most all of the company’s hoisting needs. It’s been used for roofing, framing, sheathing, insulation, trusses, block, brick, tools, windows, HVAC equipment and more. His crews began to call it the “back saver” and encouraged him to make and market this tool.

They found that with the ease of making nearly any needed height rail stringer on site out of common materials and at a very low cost, the Rail Hoist was able to match the exact needs of the hoisting at hand. It also allowed for one man set up and takedown. Gray liked it for the reliability, safety, ease of storage, ease of transport and the low cost of the tool. He kept finding more uses as the years went by. Taking his crew’s suggestion to heart, he has refined this tool (Rail Hoist) and is now offering it for sale to the public.

Origin of the Aqua Bore

Living in the extreme rural area of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Gray and many of his friends have isolated camps and cottages that would benefit from potable well water. Many of these locations are not feasible to access with standard well drilling rigs and the cost of such wells is formidable. He researched the options and found that a property owner could legally drill their own well. He looked into the existing small well drilling equipment market and reviewed hundreds of reports on their use. Nothing seemed to be or do what would be needed for successful well drilling. The rigs that might work were very expensive.

He then researched the option of building his own rig, and soon prototypes were built. After hundreds of hours of research and a few of these prototypes along with much testing, Gray has finalized a design that offers all the major qualities needed in a good drill rig but in a very compact yet powerful and economical package. He has named it the Aqua Bore. Ease of transport for remote location, powerful enough for drilling through rock, high quality fittings and components, pumps and components for durability and full featured controls for safe and effective operations all were factored in to the most economical package possible.

Some of the features he designed into the Aqua Bore are things like; Tool-less breakout system, Mayhew Junior tool joint pipe couplings, full flow 1.5” or greater water course, MCM true oil field mud pump (not a trash pump), over the hole open access, ultra flow swivel, dual ball bearing thrust set, speed control, multiple transport options. These features and more make this rig the most complete, small, affordable full featured water well drill rig currently available.

Gray invites you to research others and compare the Aqua Bore to determine this for yourself.